Ways of Remembering

We offer a number of different options from which you may choose to remember your loved one. When making your choice it is important to remember that we are committed to maintaining the appearance of a natural woodland. It is for this reason that we do not allow grave spaces to be marked with artificial materials, such as, ceramic vases, plastic flowerpots, plastic flowers, toys, windmills, balloons, lanterns, or any other item that would not be in keeping with a natural woodland setting. We therefore ask you to use one of the following ways to mark the resting place.

Creating a natural setting

A small number of people choose not to specifically mark the resting place so that it blends into its surroundings thereby creating a natural setting. By selecting this method, you can be confident that we take great care to mark the exact location of each resting place in our records and also physically mark it with a numbered brick to ensure its exact position can always be located afterwards.

Planting wildflowers

Some people like the idea of creating a personalised grave by selecting and planting their favourite wildflowers on the grave space. We will be pleased to give you a copy of our planting guide.

Positioning a memorial plaque

Most families choose to mark the resting place of their loved one with a small granite memorial plaque. Examples of these plaques are on display around the Park. A border of pea shingle is initially placed around the memorial plaque at the time of being fixed in place and after this time we like to leave the grass to grow around the plaque to create a natural border. The memorial plaques can be ordered directly through the office.

Marking an entry on the memorial page of our website

We offer everyone the opportunity to have a short personal message on the memorial page of our website.

Sponsoring trees

We do not offer the opportunity to sponsor individual trees. Instead we operate a general tree sponsorship scheme which supports the long-term development of the whole woodland. After you have sponsored our woodland trees, a certificate is issued stating the name of the person in whose memory the trees have been sponsored. This form of sponsorship offers a sure and practical way of contributing to the development of the woodland and is very much appreciated and valued by the Trustees.

Those families interested in finding out more about the personalised ways of remembering their loved ones are welcome to discuss this further with our staff at the Burial Park.