Arranging a Woodland Burial

By deciding on a burial in Gunton Woodland Burial Park you will be choosing to be laid to rest in a woodland setting that is managed in an environmentally sensitive way, encouraging the regeneration of local wildlife and helping to create a community park of lasting value to future generations. Here are a few things you should know.

1. The preliminaries

Before starting on the process of planning the burial you must ensure the death has been properly registered in the Registry Office of the district in which it occurred.

In cases where probate is required it can be delayed until after the funeral, and creditors of the deceased should be informed that payment will be delayed until funds are released to the estate.

2. Appointing a Funeral Director

If you are to achieve all of the environmental benefits of a Woodland Burial you will need to appoint a Funeral Director who has the experience needed to guide you through the process and make arrangements on your behalf.

Once you have appointed a Funeral Director you will need to work closely with them to ensure that the funeral is carried out according to your wishes.

3. Religious Service and Celebrations of Life Ceremonies

People choose to grieve the loss of a loved one in many different ways and, as we are open to people of all beliefs and persuasions, we leave it to you as to whether you choose a particular Religious Service or a Celebration of Life Ceremony.

Graveside ceremonies can be held in the Park. They should be conducted in ways that respect the dignity of the Burial Park and the nature of its woodland setting. We ask you to check out your planned ceremony with our Burial Park manager who will be pleased to advise you on what is acceptable.

If you have decided on a Christian service this can take place at Gunton St Peters Church which is next to the Burial Park. The Church Hall is also available for hire for small gatherings.
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4. Informing others of the arrangements

When you have completed the arrangements you can let people know about them by placing an announcement in a local newspaper. This should include the date, time, and place of the funeral and your position regarding flowers and donations. You may also wish to add a short personal message to the announcement. Your Funeral Director can help you with the wording and place the announcement on your behalf.