Complaints Procedure

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, good quality service and are sorry if you feel that we have fallen short of our own high standards. We want to maintain the quality of our services and to learn how we might be able to improve them. So thank you, for drawing our attention to your concerns and for giving us an opportunity to put matters right. To do this we ask you to follow each of the steps shown below:

1. Make early contact

We aim to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible and this is best done through our Informal Procedure which begins with you making direct contact with our Burial Park Manager and discussing your complaint directly.

If you feel that you’ve been unable to achieve a satisfactory outcome within five working days of making your initial contact then we recommend that you make a written formal complaint to the Burial Park Manager.

2. Making a formal complaint

This procedure starts as soon as you make a formal written complaint to our Burial Park Manager. This contact may be by email to or by written letter.

The Burial Park Manager will need the following information to deal with the matter:

  1. Your name and address.
  2. Information on the service we have contracted to provide to you, along with any invoice numbers and dates.
  3. A description of the nature of your concerns.
  4. The date or time when your concern occurred.
  5. How you have been affected by the complaint.
  6. Your contact number or email address and a convenient time when we can contact you.

The Burial Park Manager will want to resolve your complaint quickly and will either give you an answer straight away or advise you that an investigation is required. If an investigation is needed it will be completed within fifteen working days of receipt of your written complaint and the outcome discussed with you. If you are unhappy with the outcome of the stage of the procedure you may appeal directly to the trustees giving the reasons for your unhappiness.

3. Appealing to the trustees

The trustees will only receive appeals after the first two stages of our procedure have been exhausted.

You may present your case directly to a panel of trustees against the criteria:

  • that the procedure has not been correctly followed, and/or
  • that important information was not taken into account.

The trustees will inform you of their decision within twenty working days of receiving your complaint. The decision of the Board is the final stage of the Park’s complaints procedure.