Choices Available

Traditional Burials

We offer traditional burials in single grave spaces and we offer double depth burials in our Aspen and Rowan Glades. We also offer the choice to reserve an adjacent grave space at today’s prices for side by side burials.

We arrange the preparation of graves for all funerals and ashes interments.

The Burial of Cremated Remains

We offer the burial of cremated remains in a glade of your choice, and arrange for the preparation of graves.

Scattering Cremated Remains

We provide for the scattering of ashes in one of two small designated areas specially set aside for this purpose.

Saying goodbye to babies and children

We do not charge for children from 24 weeks gestation to 17 years of age.

Babies and small children may be buried in a glade of your choice or beside a family member already interred in the burial park if space allows.

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