Woodland Burials

The nature of a woodland burial

If you are considering having a woodland burial with us please make sure you are sympathetic with our aims of maintaining a woodland setting and comfortable with the rules we use to ensure a woodland ethos.

We require that all burials take place in biodegradable coffins such as natural wood, woven materials (bamboo, willow, sea grass) or cardboard and that cremated remains are also buried in biodegradable containers.

All our burials take place in woodland glades which afterwards are re-sown with grass and native wildflowers to maintain the natural setting. We will be pleased to cooperate with any family members or friends who wish to plant the wildflowers for themselves and will advise on ways of maintaining the burial place in keeping with the woodland ethos.

Woodland glades

To maintain the look of natural woodland we do not allow cultivated flowers to be planted on graves, though fresh cut flowers may be placed on graves for a short period at the time of the burial after any cellophane, ribbons and non-biodegradable wrappings have been removed.

Florists’ tributes created in oasis may also be left on a new grave. However, we will remove the oasis blocks, wire and plastic holders after a short period and place any flowers still in bloom on the grave.

To protect the ambiance of a natural woodland setting we do not allow non-biodegradable vases or containers on graves. Artificial flowers, ornaments, windmills, toys, stones, balloons, lanterns, glass jars, plastic vases, plastic flowerpots or other garden items will also be removed. Wooden vases can be purchased from the office.

Marking graves

In keeping with a natural setting the graves are not marked by artificial markers, however their location may be identified by a granite memorial plaque, this can be ordered directly from the burial park office.

Graveside ceremonies

All graveside ceremonies must respect the dignity of the Burial Park and nature of the woodland setting and not interfere with other users. When ceremonies are arranged, the form of service and the person conducting it must be agreed with the Burial Park Manager.  The Trust offers advice concerning the ceremony.

Gunton St Peter’s Church, which is located next to the Park, would be pleased to conduct a funeral service for you, this can be arranged by your chosen funeral director.  After the committal, family and friends may hire Gunton Saint Peter’s Church Annexe to cater for small gatherings.